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Softrock Forum

The Softrock Forum is a departmental seminar series for the discussion of work in progress at Memorial relating to soft-rock geoscience in its broadest sense.

The Forum takes place once a month from 16:00-17:00 in the last week of the month. Talks will be advertised through this website. 
We welcome everybody to our forum - come share your thoughts ideas and help the science grow.

If you are interested in giving a talk on Softrock Forum, please contact Duncan  McIlroy  
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Facies architecture of the fluvial-alluvial Searston Formation, south-western Newfoundland

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SoftRock Forum: Małgorzata Bednarz, Dario Harazim and Matt Johnston, Tuesday, June 8th 2010, 4pm, MUN ER-3009.




Facies architecture of the fluvial-alluvial Searston Formation (Carboniferous) of Larkin Point, south-western Newfoundland.

Larkin Point is located in the Codroy Valley, between St. Andrews and Searston, approximately 40kms north of Port-aux-Basques.






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