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Ichnofabric workshop

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The ichnology group recently had a good showing at the XI International Ichnofabric Workshop in Asturias run by: 

Francisco Rodríguez-Tovar (University of Granada) and J.Carlos. García-Ramos (Scientific Director MUJA and University of Oviedo) with the help of the amazingly organised and hard working  Laura Piñuela and José Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca (MUJA and University of Oviedo).


San Roque2

From left to right: 
Mary Leaman (MSc candidate); Nikki Tonkin (Ph.D. candidate); Dr. Liam Herringshaw (former postdoc and ongoing collaborator); Dr. Richard Callow (Postdoc); Dr. Michael Garton (just completed his Ph.D.); Małgorzata Bednarz aka Czarrna (Ph.D. Candidate); Dr. Helen Goodchild (hanger on and friend of ichnology); Dr. Duncan McIlroy.


Dr. Phillips

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Congratulations to Dr. Chris Phillips on the successful defence of his thesis in February (the article I wrote at the time seems to have gone awol.

Chris' examiners were Prof. Luis Buatois (Saskatchewan), Prof. Sam Bentley (Louisiana State University) and Dr. Joe MacQuaker (MUN).  Chris gave a good showing of his work, and completed all his corrections in time for May Convocation.  Chris has two papers in print and another in progress, arising from his thesis.  He is currently employed by the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, mapping on Random Island in Trinity Bay. 

We also recently discovered that Chris has a lookalike in Henry Stewart Edgell 1927-2010  (have a look at

Chevron Ichnology Outing

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The ichnology group recently had the pleasure of showing off some of the rocks on Bell Island to employees of the St. John's office of Chevron.

The weather finally worked in our favour and a diverse group of petroleum geologists, including management, geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers enjoyed a good day out, getting some very fresh air, fish and chips and an introduction to ichnology and sedimentology. Oh and Dario got to share his synaeresis crack model too


Thanks to Janice Rose (second from the right at the back sandwiched between Nikki and Lisi) for making this happen.