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Trace fossils in Mexican turbidites

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Rich Callow has added an article and some photos outlining some of the work and fieldwork he has been doing on trace fossils in turbidites in Baja California, Mexico.

Trace fossils are widely used in palaeoenvironmental interpretation, facies models and reservoir characterization, but this approach mostly been applied to shallow marine rocks, such as those from the continental shelf, shoreface and deltaic settings. Trace fossils from deep marine environments have not typically been used in these kinds of high resolution palaeoenvironmental studies – although preliminary research suggests that trace fossils are likely to be equally useful in these


Beaten into submission

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Congratulations to Chris Phillips for having submitted his thesis for examination in less than 4.5 yrs.

Fingers crossed that the schedules of the examiners work out well and that the defence comes soon.



Dario Harazim won the AAPG Classen Family award

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Some good news from Dario (Harazim)!

Dario has not only won one of the AAPG Grants in aid, but one of their prestigiousnamed grants! The Classen Family Award comes with a small stipend.

The full details of the award can be found here

The funds will be used to support Dario's work on the geochemistry of the near-burrow environment in ancient sediments.


Well done Dario!